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如果您错过了我的第一篇文章,请 阅读 as it gives some background into how and why I ended up rocking the veterinary recruitment boat!

什么是反向 Recruitment?

我在找新工作的时候 我对传统的局限性越来越沮丧 veterinary job recruitment in the UK. At the same time, I was aware that there 有很多做法拼命地试图填补职位空缺 像我一样熟练,经验丰富的兽医!经过一番思考,我重新设计了 问题,并寻求新的解决方案。该解决方案是做广告自己 and allow the practices to come to me. Reverse recruiting, if you will. With the response I got, I wonder why I have not heard of any else doing this before!

Reverse recruitment is a method used in other business areas, such as software development that my husband works in, and there are some ‘for hire’ platforms out there; Reed, Monster, Hiring. Although these do have some veterinary jobs listed, the 上ly specifically veterinary related 上e I could find was 兽医点击, where there is a jobs board 上 which you can post a little bit about your availability. However, almost all contact I had through this site was with 招聘者s, not directly with practices. Perhaps this is an area that can be grown in the future, if more people become aware of the reversed approach.


反向招聘的基础 it to create and foster your unique identity and allow yourself to be found by 准雇主。

首先,您需要管理和改进 your 上line presence. If you have a website or blog then it needs to be up-to-date and professional. I strongly advise you to create a profile 上 LinkedIn, a job 特定的网络工具,比Facebook页面更专业。

您需要完善自己的简历 before you release your advert. There is plenty of advice out there 上 how to write a good CV by people who know way more about this than me. But basically keep it short, no more than 2 sides of A4 in at least 12 point size so that it can be easily read, and make the first half of the first page the most attention grabbing. Yours will probably be just 上e in a good-sized pile and if you haven’t grabbed someone’s attention by that point, it’s not going to happen. Your CV also needs to be personalised for your goals so don’t go into great depth 上 your farm animal experience if you want to be an orthopaedic surgeon. On other hand, a wide variety of experiences is good for your career and builds a better communicator.

你是你自己的 recruiter

一旦您了解了自己的 values and what you want from your next role, then you need to write a job ad; this is easier said than done. If you are a new or recent graduate, you may want to 选择时要更开放,因此不要太受限制 requirements you put in the ad but I feel the better way to go is to be pretty specific in your requirements. After all, even though I was very specific in my 要求,并在我的招聘广告中清楚地说明了这些要求, people replying to me with jobs that did not fit my requirements. For example, bonding 与客户建立联系对我来说非常重要 使我能够解释他们的宠物的状况和调查,或者 treatments that I can carry out, especially as an Advanced Practitioner there are more options possible, and so a minimum of 15 minute appointment times are 对我来说至关重要我有一个练习联系我,说他们的标准 appointment length was 5 分钟, but that they could make an exception for me; not my kind of business model. Many others contacted me with standard 10 minute appointment lengths and stated they were too busy to give longer appointment 次。言归正传,但是自从我说过这是我不可谈判的一环 要求,不够紧密。

您需要编写和编辑许多 versions of your ad. The grammar, spelling and punctuation must be impeccable; 这是您向世界展示的专业身份。确保你 give it to someone to read who will give an honest, non-emotional opinion and 准备接受反馈的礼物。并重新编写。不要在 估计此阶段需要付出多少努力!

您可能想知道我的广告是什么样子?好, 这里是。


              So you have your 上line presence all professional-looking and up-to-date, your CV is dressed up to the nines and you have an advert for yourself. The next stage is to get your advert out there. I put it 上 my own Facebook page and asked friends to 转发它。也有很多与工作相关的Facebook页面,例如VSGD Careers, 兽医 Employment and Locum Network UK, and Independent Practice Vet Jobs UK – just search for these groups. I am sure you will be able to find some specific 上es for your country or area of work. I also posted 上 LinkedIn, 尽管大多数联系方式都是来自招聘人员。

如果您听说过以下做法 reputation, then even if they are not advertising, it’s worth contacting them and asking if they would consider looking at your CV. Phone them and offer to visit them so they can meet you in person. Good practices that are growing may well 愿意招募合适的人,即使他们不是很积极 advertising.

Networking. I know, I hated it too; approaching people that I didn’t know really put me out of my comfort zone. But after the first few conversations, it became easier and, you know what, most people are really good at heart and we work in a small profession so you soon discover that most people want to help.

我希望我什么 在我开始之前就知道吗?

花了多少时间。说真的 12 hour days for two whole weeks (including weekends) and beyond. Factor this in.

反向招聘在以下情况下不起作用 you don’t want to let your current employer know that you want to leave as they will likely see your ad too and be rather pissed off; I recommend talking to them first. If they can’t provide you with what you want for the next stage in your career, then hand in your notice and go for it. I also considered locuming for a time while doing reverse recruitment but in the end, as I was made redundant, 我被赋予了最佳职位,可以找到我的下一份工作。

下周的文章将是关于 整理答复并找到您的下一个兽医家。